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Can I use an Arduino to program an AT89S52 using ISP? Answered

Since the AT89S52 controller is ISP programmable is it possible to use an Arduino UNO as a programmer to upload the hex file to the 8952 ?

I've tried various programmer softwares such as progisp, 8051 loader and ISP Prog v1.4 but the Arduino doesn't show up as a programmer on any of these. I've uploaded the ArduinoISP sketch on the UNO and then tried to program the 8952 without any luck.

According to my understanding the ISP programmers use an ATMega8 ,so is what I'm trying to do possible or do I need to purchase an ISP programmer ?



3 years ago

You picked a horrible chip....

An Arduino ISP programmer won't program 8052.

If you have a choice of chip, use a Silabs variant. They're great,.


Answer 3 years ago

Those links might work, but if you want to play with the 8052 eco-system, the Silabs parts are much better, and their demo boards are amazing, with full on chip debug.