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Can I use cat5 cable to make an earphone extension cable? Answered

I would like to make an Ipod extension cable (approx 3')  Can I use CAT5 cable for this.  If not what type of wire is used.  This extension will have a male conector on one end and a female on the other.  I see from other post that earphone repair can be troublesome.  Any sugestions.


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10 years ago

Speakers of any type require two conductors to operate, including headphones. Since most headphones consist of two earpieces, there are two conductors per speaker, for a total of 4 conductors. The stereo plug itself (TRS connector) you will notice has 3 contact points as opposed to 4, which is two conductors for each side, sharing a common ground. If you have an iPhone, you will notice a 4 contact point TRRS connector. Cat5 cable consists of 8 conductors, for what you require is likely 4 conductors (and for just an extension cable can be done with 3 conductors on the full length). Not only is cat5 overkill, it would be extremely difficult to work with. Extension cables with TRS connectors are so cheap that by the time you make one yourself you're no further ahead, and probably have even spent more money and time on it. And that's before all the frustration you will experience trying to work with a 3.5mm TRS connector.