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Can I use empty gas cylinder to collect air supply for flat tyre at some remote place Answered

I have a car with flat tyres in a remote place. There is not vulcaniser nearby. Can I improvise an empty gas cylinder to collect air supply for flat tyre at some remote place


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

There are a number of ways to do this.

Downunder35m's suggestion of transporting a small, inexpensive, air compressor to the site is probably the easiest.

I am hoping the car will start, because the compressor wants electricity (12 volts, at some number of amperes), and hooking it up without the car running might drain the starting battery to a point where the car will not start.

I am not really sure about this artifact you call, "empty gas cylinder."

What kind of "gas" did that cylinder previously contain? And how much internal pressure can this cylinder withstand?

The math for compressed air is, I think, well described by the ideal gas law (P*V=n*R*T)


Which is to say, you can easily calculate the amount of air, in mols, in 1 tire (tyre), and also how much air, in mols, will fit into your gas cylinder, at different pressures. Essentially the quantity of compressed air is approximately proportional to pressure, for the same cylinder volume. E.g. double the absolute pressure, and you can store twice as much air... but there are limits to how much gauge pressure the container can withstand, and limits to how much pressure a compressor can deliver.

There are also some commercial solutions, essentially some kind of canned gas, plus sticky stuff to seal the hole. A popular brand in my home country is called, "Fix-a-Flat"


However, that can of some kind of gas, plus goop to seal the hole, might actually be more expensive than a cheap air compressor, especially when considering the compressor can be re-used over and over, but the canned inflator is made to be used only once.


1 year ago

I would just buy a $20 compressor from the auto store....
And while there maybe grab some plugs and puncture kit.
I have both in my car and used them a lot.

Apart from the safety problem and regulations you won't be able to collect enough air in your cylinder.
A huge cylinder would be required to sotre the compressed volume of air a tyre needs.
If in doubt and it is not a truck tyre consider a foot pump, takes about 15 minutes to pump a standard car tyre up with them....