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Can I use my Electric Imp on a WiFi hotspot with no internet connectivity? Answered

As in, I would like to use it in an application where an android device has only wifi connectivity, and i intend on controlling other hardware using this android device. I was thinking of potentially using the imp with the android device over a local hotspot network, with no actual connection to the internet. but im not too sure if this would work, since the imp, from what ive read, is cloud based. so i am not sure if my plan would be feasible, and if it isnt, is there a way that i could run a local server, and use that? or would i be better off trying to find a different platform? (and if so, what? im looking at inexpensive platforms for this one)

any insight would be appreciated, as ive been unable to find any real answers to this!


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5 years ago

I would say all you need is a WiFi router to provide a network, you only need the internet for the inital setup on the phone (installing the software).

So you basically setup a router for your Imp, take notes of the WiFi setup and password and use that after you started the app on the phone as the WiFi network to use.
Might be wrong but I have not seen anything that either would need the interner to operate, just a WiFi network.
Could even work with a phone set as a WiFi hotspot.