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Can I use rustoleum epoxy "appliance" spray paint with rustoleum primer? Answered

I'm refinishing my steel medicine cabinet. Its old and a little rusty in spots, so I sanded it smooth and removed as much rust/old paint as I could. I washed it down, let it dry and gave it two coats of Rustoleum "rusted metal" primer in the can. I also purchased a few cans of Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy Spray paint.

However, I didn't note that in the instructions, it says "priming is not recommended".  I already have the cabinet primed and ready for paint at this point and would like some imput on putting this epoxy over the primer.


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10 years ago

A primer is generally used to help cover up old paint jobs, or to provide a base for the top coat and allow it to stick better. The appliance paint you mention has epoxy in it (glue), and as such won't need a primer to help it adhere, the paint is designed to stick directly to bare metal and form a bond.

I would suggest that you abide by the directions of the can in order to maximize the asthetics and durability of the paint job. Rough-sand the cabinet again to remove most of the primer, then go over with a finer sandpaper for a smooth finish. Finally, apply the appliance paint per the directions.
You may be able to get away with just applying the epoxy paint over the primer, but if it specifically mentioned I wouldn't chance it.

Good luck!