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Can I use the LCD display of a mobile phone to build a projector.? Answered

I am planning of building a projector. After viewing some projects on Instructables, I understand that I'll need a LCD display. I have 3 cell phones at home which are of no use to me. So can I use the LCD from those cell phones to build my project. What kind of hardware will I need for AV. Please suggest.



Best Answer 9 years ago

First off, you should realize that the screen resolution of a cell phone is at best 320x240, and likely less.  When blown up onto a wall, it'll look terrible.  You will see the individual square pixels, each about half an inch across with a visible gap between each one.

The next problem will be in driving the LCD - it won't be as simple as plugging in a source and watching a video pop up!  Do any of those cell phones have video capability?  You might end up playing video right on the phone.


9 years ago

Identify the display, and if you can the driver in the phone. Maybe the driver takes an input you can use and you can carefully-solder to things...
Know the hardware in detail before asking for help, as people need to know what you've got to be able to offer advice.