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Can I wire these speakers in sequence? Can I use input for output? Answered

I'm filling a box with multiple different speakers I have salvaged from different items. I would like to wire these speakers in some kind of sequence. Basically, I would wire one to the source, and then I would wire the next speaker to the speaker that's already been wired, using the solder to connect. Would this work correctly? Also, I have a volume switch that uses A/V connections. The problem is that it has three inputs but only one output. I would basically like to reverse this. Is it possible?


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6 years ago

What are they being wired too?

While you can wire multiple speakers into a single output it puts a strain on the system and will damage the amp. Amps are designed to work with a certain speaker impedance. So you need to consider this when wiring you speakers.

This link should help a lot.