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Can IR light from an Infrared LED pass through semi-opaque acrylic? Answered

I'm making a modification of the Table for Electronic Dreams (https://www.instructables.com/id/Table-for-Electronic-Dreams/) and want to expand it with white LED's that turn on and get brighter as an object above it gets closer to the surface of the table (I'll be replacing the LED's in the original instructable with blues).
The only (and thus, the cheapest) way I can think of sensing this distance without cutting holes in the upper piece of acrylic is to use an IR transceiver on the circuit board and connect this to the white LED. Would this work? I'll be using .25-inch white acrylic if that makes a difference.

Any assistance that you can provide is greatly appreciated.


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11 years ago

I'd advise that you test it. Transmittance depends upon the LED and the acrylic, the only way to be sure is to find out. L: