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Can VMWare prevent Supreme Commander from running? Answered

I recently brought a copy of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance from Best Buy. I installed it on my tower pc running Vista SP1 without any problems and played for a while. I decided to install it on my laptop, which is running XP SP3. When I attempt to run the game it tells me to disable any emulation software or virtual disks. I've uninstalled every piece of emulation software I have, along with any virtual drives. It still brings up the same error message. The only thing left is VMWare, version 6.5.0 build 118.166, which I can't uninstall due to time constrains when I need to reinstall it later. The tower PC also has VMWare installed, version 6.0.4 93057 (I haven't gotten around to updating it yet). Could the newer VMWare be the problem? If it is, could someone give me an email for their tech support or tell me a way to unlock the game somehow?


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