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Can We Compare IT Sector with Public Sector Undertaking (PSU), Indian Engineering Services (IES)? Answered

Now a days electronics engineering students have a big problem to select a job in private sector just like a IT SECTOR or in a government sector for example IES or PSU. In my point of view all the above job have good future and good respect and there are some limitation for every sector.

If someone ask me this question and i don't have a any choice then my answer is .......

I think we can not compare government sector with IT sector at this stage. Because in govt sector for example IES . Indian Engineering services will give you a huge respect in every sector, promotion, good environment, peaceful life, safety of family etc.

When we talk about Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) this will also give you more work experience than IES and promotion, good environment, peaceful life, safety of family etc.

Now at last in IT sector this will give you a lot of its depend on your strength. In some cases if you have a potential then you can achieve in few years but in case you are a lazy person then IT sector or private sector will give you nothing and give you a lot of pressure.

Finally i conclude this remove your confusion please select your future with your interest, every sector have good scope.

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6 years ago

In today's economy, any job is a good job.