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Can You use a GPRS with a landline phone? Answered

I have wanted to this but can't find info But what I wanted to do was to set up and Arduino with a GPRS shield but instead of it being the phone I wanted to have it hook up to an old rotary dial phone and have it work like it's plugged into the wall and the arduino/shield would be in a box but the question remains, can that be done or is it not possible?



1 year ago

We had the topic not that long ago, Arduino for the conversion of the dial interrupter to DTMF signals...
Projects for that are out there, just Google it ;)


Reply 1 year ago

I have looked on google but can't find anything just the cellphone part. I'm glad It has been done and it's somewhere but I just need to look harder. I don't even know what I should use for search terms.