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Can a 30 gal steel drum barrel stove inside a 55 gal drum heat chamber be integrated into existing HVAC? Answered

I want to make a wood burning stove in my basement using a 30 gal steel drum for the burn chamber. Now the interesting part: The 30 gal drum will be inside a 55 gal drum, which will be the heat chamber. Will I be able to use this setup to partially or fully heat the 2000 sq ft upstairs? I was thinking of using a below grade through the wall stovepipe kit with integrated cold air return hooked to the 30 gal barrel, and then attaching the 55 gal heat chamber into the existing HVAC ducting. I would create the burn chamber with one of the many barrel stove kits like those available from US Stove.

Bonus question: if this is possible, can I double the fun with a tandem setup (side-by-side or stacked) connecting the outer 55 gal heat chambers with a duct?



4 years ago

Hey, why not try this:


7 years ago

the nice thing about using a double drum stove ( one drum above another) is that your stack gas temperature will be lower due to giving up more heat to the upper drum. the return on your effort in terms of btus is about 80 % more than a single drum for the same amount of wood. Just be watchful about creasote buildup in the stove pipe, paticularly on the very cold side outside the house . Also follow Anvil mans advice on keeping everything sealed up tight.


7 years ago

HI , I see no reason you can't do that. a furnace works the same way.

JUST make sure you have all joints sealed up tight, between you burn chamber and your hot air Heat Exchanger so it won't let smoke,burn gas into your living space.

do you have good welding skills?
Also there is a high temp. furnace cement you could possible use to seal joints.

good luck and make it safe.

FYI: you might think about adding a coil/tube to pre. heat your hot water. I have a steel box bolted to my wood stove to pre. heat water before it goes the main water heater. works great....