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Can a PSP 3000 be hacked with cfw?. Answered

If so where I can find instructions on how to do it. If you have a link please post it . thanks


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11 years ago

Yes it is. You have to download
*ChickHEN R2
*CFWenabler 3.20

After that you "install" ChickHEN on your PSP and use the CFWenabler to install the custom firmware (latest = 5.00 m33-6) Then update your enabler to 3.50.

Goodluck (Google for the programs!)


Answer 10 years ago

this is sort of correct.
you forgot one thing my friend : you need official firmware 5.00-5.05 for this to work
ive done the same thing, but ive heard of some PSP's bricking when loading CFWenabler!
I know for a fact that chickhen R2 works for psp
but ill offer everyone a little advice:
download PSPiDent 0.4, if it says your mobo is TA-090v2, it is unhackable! (like mine) but if you have a TA-088v3 mobo, it is hackable but there are specific tutorials you have to find so you dont accidentally brick your psp
and if you have any other mobo, go ahead and update to Gen/M33 or whatever you want
*also, chickhen is garunteed NOT to work on the first try. if you try it and it doesnt work, dont get discouraged, keep trying it Will work!


12 years ago

Not at the moment, they're still trying to come up with a work around but haven't been successful yet.
I'd recommend checking these sites, as Dark Alex is the the main PSP hacker and the other one is regularly updated: