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Can a TIVO/DirectTV DVR be hacked to use as a generic DVR? Answered

Lots of DVRs available cheap on Craig's list.  Can I hack one for non-subscription use?



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Best Answer 11 years ago

There is a whole world of TIVO hacks out there.  You must not have googled Hack Tivo before you asked this question.  Do some research.  I've got a tivo but I got the subscription and would hate to be without it.

I believe there are ways to use tivo box with out  the subscription but the functions are very limited, like you can't schedule a recording you have to manually start it.  And that's tivo's best feature.  It's been two years since I did any research on it so things may have changed radically.

Good luck and happy watching.


10 years ago

How about a torrent client running on the Tivo that supports RSS downloading of torrents? It would work like the RSS feeds and filters function in uTorrent.

I understand that it is possible to run torrent client on routers, like Transmission on DD-WRT. It would be nice to see this for the Tivo.