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Can a diabetic needle be incorporated into a tattoo gun? Answered

I'm a diabetic and would like to explore tattooing, and was wondering if anyone knows if a diabetic syringe or lancet sould be used in a diy tattoo gun.


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11 years ago

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Tattoo needles are essentially just normal sewing needles, there are several styles used in the manufacture. They are not hollow needles like syringes. Additionally, one of the fastest ways to annoy us real tattoo artists is to call a tattoo machine a "gun". 

DO NOT bother with making a DIY tattoo machine, even in the most professional hands, they don't work worth a damn, and that isn't even getting into the myriad of health issues that could come with homebrew tattooing. FYI people, IT ISN'T JUST THE NEEDLE THAT NEEDS TO BE STERILE... everything used in the tattoo needs to be sterile and boiling or soaking in alcohol DO NOT STERILIZE. Cross-contamination is the major concern, yes, but there are plenty of other microbes out there that can cause you problems that don't require you to be "sharing needles". If you are interested in learning to tattoo, by all means, do so, but be intelligent about it. "Real" tattoo machines (though poor quality) can be purchased for $100 or less on ebay. While I wouldn't use one of them professionally, it is good enough to play with on a bannana, orange, or spaghetti squash to get in some experience.