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Can a digital picture frame be hacked to play movies from a memory stick or usb? Answered

I have a audiovox digital picture frame and it does'nt play video.
i was wondering if there was a way to put a code or something on a memory stick and hack it so you can play mp4 movie files on it.
(if you put a memory stick in with a mp4 movie it says no playable file)
please help i really want to watch movies on it



Best Answer 9 years ago

You would have to change the firmware.  It may be something easy like putting a binary file of a certain name on a stick and plugging it in (doubtful).

Most likely, you will have to replace the microprocessor/memory inside the unit to facilitate what you are trying to do.  It is doable, but also tedious.

And if you do it, I recommend setting your new chips to read instructions from the memory stick, so you don't have to pull the device apart anytime you want to add/fix anything.


Answer 9 years ago

On a related note: I'm currently trying to do this to revive a bricked GPS (ALL other options have been ruled out).  I'm guessing it has a bit more of a CPU than a digital frame would have, but the concept should be the same.


9 years ago

No. These things do not have the processing power to display at high frame-rates. (If they did it would be wasted).



9 years ago

Probably not.  The hardware and software in the picture frame likely isn't up to the task, and nothing you can do will change that.  It takes a lot of processing power to render video, and most of these devices aren't up to the task.

After all, if it were capable of video, don't you think they'd advertise that as a feature?