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Can a felon be a gunsmith? Answered

Can a person with a felonious background become a gunsmith?  They do not have to own guns, nor possess, just repair.


Josehf Murchison

Best Answer 2 years ago

Well you can't repair a firearm without possessing the firearm.

An adult criminal record can be pardoned after a certain period of time, a pardoned record is a different matter depending on the state.

Some criminal records after a certain age do not need to be pardoned to possess a firearm. An example is a juvenile record is sealed when you reach adulthood, and adulthood can be 16 to 25 years of age depending on the state.

State laws are different from state to state, when I say state I mean country, province, or state of the union.


2 years ago

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2 years ago

Depends on the country, type of offence and if applicable sentence in prison.
In most countries a serious offence will stick with your records and make it impossible to obtain a firearms licencse.
For becoming a gunsmith I can speak only from the experience in two countries...
To become a gunsmith you usually already hava a good background with guns and/or rifles.
For Germany: If you are still allowed to keep your gun license you can become a gunsmith but with certain limitations, for example not being allowed to work without supervision of a senior gunsmith until your offence is revoked for your gunsmith purposes - quite hard but possible and most people don't bother due to the high costs involved.
For Australia: As long as your record stands there is no chance at all to obtain a license, not even for hunting let alone to become a gunsmith.

For both countries it is still possible to get a limited license with the support of good gunsmith owning his own shop.
The limited license does not allow you handle ammo, gunpowder or any weapon that is fully assembled.
Purpose of this is to allow for modifications, like engravings, making a new stock or mounting a new trigger mechanism.
Problem is that without good connections you won't find a registered gunsmith taking you in.