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Can an iPod video PATA HDD be used to replace the SSD in an Acer Aspire One? Answered

The iPod video uses a parallel ATA HDD which appears to share the same connector and interface as the Acer Aspire One solid state disk (SSD).
Does anyone know if it is possible to simply replace the SSD with the PATA HDD?
I know I could just try it but if someone has already done this and had success, or tried it and irreparably damaged their AAO I would love to know!





8 years ago

The Hard drive in iPod Video has a Parallel ATA ZIF(Zero Insertion Force) Drive. If the SSD in your ACER Aspire ONE has the same connectors then it's possible to swap the drives. There should be tutorials on Youtube on how to do that, just check your Aspire One's Model and cross-reference in youtube and online how-to's. Oh, and you'll need the knowledge on how to format the iPod hard Drive. Research it thoroughly before you take the plunge.