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Can anybody give an explanation to help me understand more basic concepts of electricity? Answered

I know about Ohms law and some of the terminology on electricity and electronics (i.e. voltage, ohms, coulombs). 
What I am in need of is a way to kind of put all of the knowledge together to help me better understand the way circuits work and how to follow and read schematics. 
I understand that this question is quite broad, but any help would be very appreciated. I thank anyone and everyone that can contribute knowledge to help me better understand. I am a beginner and I have taken quite an interest in electronics.



7 years ago

There are quit a few instructables here to help you like this one

Jack A Lopez

7 years ago

I dunno. Hows about the allaboutcircuits-dot-com?

Electronics is a popular topic,  and that site is one of many whose goal is the same:  to teach you all about electronics.  Sorry I don't have a link to all the others, but I do claim there are others out there.  I seen 'em.