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Can anyone help?? I can't find my Administrator account anymore on my laptop Answered

I created a new account as a computer admistrator on my Xp laptop and   forgot to turn off the guest account. So when I logon again there were only two accounts : the new account I just created and the Guest account. I want to use my old Administrator account but I can't find it anymore. When I open control panel , I can only find the new account and the guest account . Although the new account appears as computer admin ; I can't see the previous files I saved using the old Admin account. I want to see my old admin account back so badly :(?



Best Answer 8 years ago

The admin account will no longer appear after you have created a user account with admin status. However it is still there and easy to get into. At the log in screen do the CTRL, ALT, Del keys twice, Do it in pretty fast succession, and you will then be taken to the alternate log in which is the box that you type in the user name and password.
Type "administrator" in the user field and whatever password you used. It will now boot up to that account.
You can also do this from the Log out box so you don;t have to reboot windows if you don't need to. Log out and then do the Ctrl, alt, del twice and it will take you to the sign in box.


Answer 8 years ago

Hey ! Thanks very much !! it really works !!!! I can smile now :) Thanks again!


8 years ago

Run command prompt as an admin, type net user, press enter. If you see the account listed, more than likely it was just deactivated. If that is the case, type net user "account name" /active:yes

(if you have any spaces in the account name, make sure you keep the quote marks... If there aren't any spaces, it will not matter if you have quote marks or not)

Reply back and let me know if this worked. If not, I have a few other tricks up my sleeve. If you get any error messages, post them. I'm on my iPod right now, so I could not double check my syntax.