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Can anyone help me design and program an LED selector circuit? Answered

Schematic http://tinypic.com/r/21lsfnn/7

I am currently trying to design a multi board circuit (as detailed in the attached diagram). I want one control board with a PIC program which governs the selection of LED's across the three different boards. 

Q1 needs to flash six times  .25s on .25s off and then stay on for 10 seconds
Q2 needs to turn on and stay on for 15 seconds
Q3 has two functions either:
                                                    red LED on for 15 seconds
                                                    red LED on for 1 second then green LED on for 15 seconds
Q4 needs to turn on and stay on for 15 seconds

I only want one LED option to be on at anyone time across the three slave boards.

If anyone can give me any pointers for starting this project I would be really appreciative as this is quite an urgent task.

Many Thanks


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10 years ago

I really recommend the 'shiftbrite' line of addressable leds. You have one controller circuit (pic, at, ti, whatever) -- and then they talk spi to the leds and each one lights according to what it's supposed to: Shiftbright