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Can anyone help me find this video clip? Free Pro membership to the first answer! Answered

It has been a long time since I have seen this clip.  I remember it was part of an MTV movie awards in the late 90s.  I assume it was 1998, since that is when the movie came out.

It was a funny version of a clip from the US Godzilla movie.  The MTV version had Christopher Lloyd as the cab driver.  I remember that it was hilarious!

There was a part where Christopher Lloyd was eating a banana and threw the peel out of the window and then Godzilla tripped over it.  Then he kept ramping off of Godzilla's foot.  Other that those two parts I don't remember much.

I have been looking for this clip for a long time.  Like the title says, the first person to answer this will get a free year of Pro Membership!


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Best Answer 8 years ago


Seems to be it :)


8 years ago

Well, that was fast! I have been looking for this clip for years, but gave up a while back. I'm happy to see it again finally!