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Can anyone help with Big Muff Fuzz Pedal Noise Gate ? Answered


Ive been an instructable fan for a long time, pretty much the only email I get on a regualr basis that I open.

I was wondering if there is smeone out there who knows how to create a noise gate within the NYC Big Muff Pi. the link below touches on it but I could really do with seeing a diagram.


SO if anyone can help thatd be great. Thanks alot

Keep up the good work everyone, by far my favourite site!



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8 years ago

Here's a schematic of the noise gate addition described in that article, the pot is in red. Or just bridge both ends of R14 with the pot, if you're not sure where the ground is.

Frankly, I wouldn't use a 100K trim pot like they suggest. 100K in parallel with R14 could never be more resistance than 50K (100K + 100K = 50K), so you could never adjust the pot to minimize the gate effect.

But if you use a 1M pot, you can at least adjust the pot to approach the original value of the 100K resistor (1M + 100K = ~90K), so the gate effect could be lessened.