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Can anyone help with IBM 4247 & 4224 Stepper Motor power requirements? Answered

Two years ago I hastily harvested many stepper motors, electronics, carriage bars etc. from 4247 and 4224 printers for a DIY CNC build. I never checked to see if any of the motors had power requirement info on them. Now that I'm ready to delve into the word of cheap/salvaged CNC I can't find anything about or on these devices anywhere. I even contacted the manufacturer (Minbea) and they were of no help. They said that they didn't keep information like that on record.

If anyone can help me with links on where to find this info (in English please) I would greatly appreciate it.

Minbea Type 23KM-K034-02 No T8Y13
Minbea MiniAngle Stepper (Astrosyn) 23LM-C058-05H



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Best Answer 6 years ago

If you have an ohmeter, you can figure which kind of motor you have. Then its a matter of finding voltage.

If you don't have a meter you can use a RED LED to find the windings by just turning the shaft.

A Picture of the motor size would help.

Most small steppers are 5V or 12V machines but they go up to 24V and 48V.

You need a discreet IC driver where you can set the drive voltage starting @ 5V....


While a uP is the best stepper driver you don't list it as your tool bag.


Answer 6 years ago


I'll definitely try this out. I do have an ohm meter.

I'll try to remember to post some images. The ones I have do not have anything in the vicinity for a size reference. They are about 3"x3" square but are just a bit taller (longer) along the spindle axis (so maybe 3.5" or 4"). I'm guessing they are 24V.