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Can anyone suggest an inexpensive voice modulator? Answered

I'm building a Dalek costume for my daughter, and i'd like to surprise her with some ability to speak in a Dalek-like voice.  I'm hoping to find something simple (and inexpensive so i don't get in trouble with my wife) that distorts her voice somewhat, at least getting her voice into the ballpark of the iconic "EXTERMINATE!!" sound, and I can move the mic up into her helmet and hide a speaker somewhere. 

Any thoughts? I'm sure if anyone has some input, i'll find the help here. 




8 years ago

When I was a kid we used to mimic Dalek voices by holding one of those battery operated, hand held personal cooling fans with the collapsible blades, right in front of our mouths. When you speak it sort of "chops" up the air coming out of you mouth and sounds very Dalek like. The louder you speak, the better it is. EX-TERM-IN-ATE!
You could probably do something similar with a small computer cooling fan and batteries. It would be easy to mount and wouldn't wack you in the mouth if you got too close.
Try it on a desk fan or something, you will be surprised how good it sounds.


8 years ago

If you look for "ring modulators" or "Dalek voices" you can find links (actually usually the Dalek builders club ! ) that leads to links to suitable circuits. Its not that hard to make a working one. The classic voice is done entirely in analogue elctronics, modulating mains frequency against a voice signal.



8 years ago

Google it. You can get them at Amazom or eBay. About $10.

Or as Rick suggested an local toy or custom store.


8 years ago

You will be best off looking in toy shops.