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Can anyone tell me if they know where to buy a small solar heater kit. Answered

Hi there,  
I am looking to plug in a small convection heater and need power.  No electricity etc.  Was hoping for some company
that has small units.  I am not looking to power a house so those guys that do this from home depo only for example would
just hang up on me.  And I need larger than an i pod or cell phone charger.  Thanks a whole heep and I sure do hope someone knows
about this.  For example you go camping or use a van and want to stay warm n toasty and do not want to make too much by scratch.
Looking for a collecter that I could mount to van or car or lay in the grass.  With the wire and a plug to plug the heater into.  I have not found out the wattage of the heater yet its for sale at Bed bath beyond.  Do not think they are going to look in box some specks are outside
sometimes.  If you know of solar heaters that have thier own collectors that would be good too.  MusicofJesusishope@gmail.com


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