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Can build a coil gun using Direct-on-line technique? Answered


I'm trying to build a coil gun and am stuck with this problem.....

the gun I'm trying to build will be using a 5200mAh 22.2V 25C battery as source and a 16swg wire for coil in series with a N-channel power MOSFET (IRLR7843) as a switch. I'm using a 0.2ohm resistor to draw 110A current from the battery....but the problem is the resistor I'm is not capable of handling this huge amount of current it just blows up. I've looked for other alternatives but the problem there is with the size, which is not feasible in my case.

so now I'm looking for a suggestion for some kind of resistor that comes in a small size which can handle this current and possibly has managed to stay out of my sigth.....or if I can go ahead with the DOL and eliminating the use of resistor entirely and connecting the coil directly to the battery( I know that might be foolish tho)


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