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Can caddies. Answered

Does anyone have the best way to connect cans, like the ones pineapple come in? I am a high school art teacher and the art one classes make it their mission to destroy whatever they can. They don't care what it takes to mess things up, no matter how hard you try to make things look nice. I've restricted them to their seat because otherwise they try to meander around the room. It's very frustrating. So, if they can't get up, they must have their supplies at hand. The cans have a slight lip, so they aren't flush against each other. I just plan on painting them black and grouping them in fours. Honestly, I would still like them to look decent. Any ideas?




3 years ago

You could screw them down to a thick board or block of wood.

Or even the desk.


Answer 3 years ago

If we're talking pens, pencils, brushes etc, a good tip is to use a solid block of wood, with exactly the right number of holes drilled in it for the pens etc to fit into.

A glance at the block will instantly tell you if anything has not been put away.


3 years ago

Solder them together on the rim.

Failing the technology to do that glue with epoxy glue.

Yep school kids have an amazing ability to break anything.

keep them very busy.


3 years ago

I'm guessing they need to be waterproof?

I'd recommend finding that's square. It's way more efficint at storing things...


3 years ago

I used to sub for the high school art teacher. But apparently the high school kids I knew were a little closer to being grown up. Maybe yours need to be held back a few years.

If you have a "shop" class, it used to be called vocational education, but that has probably changed to something else now, anyway, you can take the cans there to a metal working class and see if they can make it a class project to weld them together in a creative way. When my daughter was in HS she was one of the art students but she wanted to explore some different mediums. I talked to the shop teacher and the art teacher and they made a special "class project" arrangement for her so she could take welding classes with a point of developing art projects instead of the usual commercial applications. She loved it and got pretty good at it. She also managed to create some "fashion jeans" with holes burnt in them. It worked out really good for everybody.