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Can drawings be used in part to show a "how to" for an instructable Answered

I designed and created "hang on back" (like many aquarium filters) rock sculptures for my aquariums.  There were so many steps and my hands a mess that after starting to take photos (to show on aquarium sites) I stopped taking many of the photos (would require a lot)... but I did take some and as well the rock sculptures in various aquariums.

Is it alright to do drawings or cut and paste schematics (need to show how I cut the plastic which I can not do now where I am at - so would a drawing be alright?)   to show certain steps?

Thanks for any assistance.  I would like to enter the Pet contest?



4 years ago

Yes, it is absolutely fine to add diagrams, drawings and schematics to a project.

It's best if they are your own images, but otherwise make sure you are allowed to use them, such as Creative Commons media, or you've gotten permission from the image's owner.


Reply 4 years ago

Yes they would be my own (save for stock photo of black milk crate) thanks so much for your quick reply - still getting used to the site. Best S