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Can i get a laptop LCD screen to work as a second monitor on my desktop trough DVI? Answered

I have a old laptop screen (make : DIGITAL) lying around and want to get it to work with my desk top as a secondary monitor for. Any suggestions? It i'll be great if someone makes an instructable on how to do it.



Best Answer 10 years ago

If you can find a controller for it ($200 & up, usually more)... then yes. Odds are the controller will only have VGA input. There are converter boxes available on the market that convert DVI to VGA ($100-200), however it'd be much cheaper to add a second graphics card to your desktop. As you can see, it's an expensive project and I haven't even addressed the need for a power supply. You'd be better off just buying a second monitor. Please do a search next time, questions on the same subject get asked several times a day.