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Can i have a parts list for the K'NEX BR-18? Answered

Yes, the BR-18. Just the BR-18. Not the 36! I REALLY want to build it, but i have no idea about parts. Two ways will be slim, and i will need your help. please try to count accurately as i will have to be cutting slim on this one. thanks NYPA



Best Answer 10 years ago

Connectors: White 20 Yellow 65 Green 4 Red 8 Light Gray 54 Orange 8 Rods: Black / Gray 3 Yellow 20 Blue 5 White 40 Green 41 Clips: Gray 108 Blue 4 Tan 1 odds and ends: Y connectors 3 ball joint 1 blue spacers 6 I may be off by a few sorry if I am. Killer~SafeCracker


10 years ago

Try TR8, and build it from the photos. Wost case senario is that you dont have enough pieces. If you have a bunch left, convert it to the Tr-18.

DJ RadioI_am_Canadian

Answer 10 years ago

I get really confused when looking at the turret. The pictures that people give are not enough to properly make it in the first place....