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Can i make my netbook better? Answered

i have a vnet netbook and its really bad, does anyone have any suggestions on what i should do?


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9 years ago

"Really bad" is not diagnostically useful, and the complete answer depends on what you actually want to _do_ with the box.

Increasing memory, if you can, always helps. Keeping irrelevant applications out of memory also helps, for the same reasons.

If it hasn't been scrubbed recently, make sure you've done a full check for viruses, spyware, browser exploits and so on. Go through the list of installed applications and kill anything you don't ever intend to use. I doubled the speed of a friend's machine, some years ago, by removing a bunch of malware from his system.

Consider defragmenting the disk.

Consider installing an operating system specifically configured for smaller/slower machines. Some of the versions of Linux may run much better than whatever flavor of Windows you currently have loaded onto it... though of course that requires that you be happy not running Windows-specific applications.

Of course nothing is going to make a 300MHz 486 with 245MB of RAM perform like a 2.4GHz I7 quad-core with 4GB of RAM and a screaming graphic coprocessor. Sometimes the best thing that can be done with an old machine is to dedicate it to tasks where you don't _care_ how slow it is... or to give up and get something better, and either dispose of it or call it a museum piece/artwork.

(I can't bear to get rid of my old IBM Portable PC, even though it will never again be useful, just for sentimental reasons. I haven't quite discarded the 800MHz box even though it hasn't been plugged in for several years, because it's -- barely -- fast enough that I might someday want to use it as a network server.)


Answer 9 years ago

I have a 486 60 Mhz notebook that is still sitting in its bag. Its got a b/w screen and can run 256 color on an external monitor. it was the first notebook I ever bought and it cost me over $1000 at the time. Every once in a while I look at it and wonder about how far things have come. Its totally sentimental, probably a museum piece.

Sometimes you just have to retire them and move on.