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Can i replace my CPU easily? Answered

If i was going to replace my CPU (from say, a 2.8 Ghz core 2 duo to some sort of quad core) and my motherboard was compatible with both, would i be able to do it? I know how i could physically do it, but would it mess with my bios etc? I'm confused with what to do on the software side of it. Please help.


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Best Answer 11 years ago

If your mainboard supports it it should be straighforward. These things tend to use automatic settings, so the BIOS will clock it right.
>Reset you BIOS to "factory defaults"
>Disconnect power
>Carefully remove heat-sink/cooler
>Remove old CPU with care
>Add new CPU
>Clean heatsink thoroughly
>Wipe a small amount of heat-compound on the CPU
>Very carefully replace the heatsink/cooler
>Start up into BIOS and check the CPU temperature - too hot and you need to go back a couple of steps.



Answer 11 years ago

The Intel Core Duo and Core Quad have the same sockets, So his mainboard will most likely support it.