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Can i run a Rasberry Pi and a 10" Display from the same Battery? Answered

im planning on creating a portable Rasberry Pi Desktop.
I found a bunch of circuit plans to run a RPI and a 10" Display - however iam not statisfied with what people came up with.

1. Issue - in the circuits i found they connected a booster to a 3,7v Lipo Battery to run a 5V Rasberry Pi and a second booster and the same battery to run the Display. This is a pretty incomplicated but impractical design if you ask me - the benefit here is that the boosters allow you to charge both batterys whilst the devices are running - but you need to connect 2 different cables. I would like to be able to charge the System with only a single power cable (Micro USB) attached.

2. Issue - The 10" Display does run on 5V, 980mA - but it is not reccomdendet to use it under 6V, 780mA - as a person who likes staying on the safe side - i would like to run it on 6v.

Can anyone come up with a concept so i can run both the Rasberry Pi and the Display on the same Battery and charge the Battery whilst the devices are running?

I thought about using a 6v Lipo Battery pack - but i need something to lower the voltage to supply the Pi correctly. Is that a good idea?
Can you reccomend some other solution?

PS - Is there also a way to monitor the remaining Charge in the Battery?



Best Answer 3 years ago

There are ICs or sadw approximations to determine the current seconds used, ergo the charge used up...

I think I would do better by a single high voltage battery with high eff switching regulators for the lower voltages needed by the system..

This configuration allows charging while working.


Answer 3 years ago

okay so i did some research.

i my plan is to buy three 7,4v Lipo battery packs, connect them to two individual dc - dc buck converters that run the 10" Display at 12v and the pi on 5v. They come with a voltmeter that monitors the remaining input charge - kind of what i wanted.

My knowlege of electronics is very limited... i still need to figure out a way how to charge the 3 battery packs whilst everything is running? is there some kind of component that i can hook between the input and the batterys? Or is there even an easyer solution?


3 years ago

If you use multiple LiPo batteries in series for higher voltage output, then you must be careful that they stay balanced. You must use cells that are very simalar. If you look at older battery packs for laptops, you can see they often have 5 or so pins. These way the charger circuit can charge all the cells almost individually while keeping the voltage across each one equal. This way if one cell has a slightly lower capacity than the rest, and charges fully before the others do, then the balancing circuit can prevent that cell from overcharging.


3 years ago

I don't see why not. there is no difference in using a common battery supply with suitable regulators to using a common mains supply.