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Can i run my 2.5 home computer speakers using a bike or car battery ? Answered

i would like to play my computer speakers
 Speaker Features
Speaker Type Active
Nominal Output Power (Total) 32.0 Watt
Max (RMS) Output Power (Total) 64.0 Watt

for more specifications -----> http://reviews.cnet.com/pc-speakers/x-230-2-1/4507-3179_7-30993634.html?tag=mncol;subnav

want to connect it to a new car or bike battery ( not in the vehicle ) but carry a battery and distilled water to keep the charge when i go camping would like to carry it so we could have some fun in the woods.. but my question is how do it connect the two  and will the output from the battery will be correct for the speakers ?... i love my speakers and dont want to conk them off ..



7 years ago

I suggest using passive speakers and powering them with a TA2024 amp, which can be bought on eBay for under $10. At that price it doesn't include a case, but $20 including shipping will get one with a volume control in a nice metal case. Power output is about the same as "high power" car head-unit, and it's extremely efficient which will help extend battery run-time. With some luck you can find very nice speakers very cheaply at thrift stores and yard sales. I'm listening to a pair that cost me $6, powered by a TA2024 amp (no case), with 12V supplied by an AC adapter I found in a gravel pit.

Take a small (2 to 10 watt) solar panel, and use that to top up the battery.


7 years ago

They're active. Theat means they need external power, from 110V, so all you need is a small inverter from any autospares shop to run them.

I wouldn't carry a car battery, they're too heavy and dangerous. Use sealed lead acid batteries, and don't crank them up too loud.