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Can i start a motor with an IR LED? Answered

Hello, i'm new to electronics and I know just a few basic things.
I'm trying to make a simple circuit that goes like this:

I want to have a sort of remote : 9v battery + resistor + ir led (i've done this part)
And a reciever that starts a motor when i point the ir led to it.
What components do i need to make the motor start when i point the led to it? Searching the internet i found i can do it with photodiodes or phototranzistors but i couldn't find the exact schematic for the circuit.
Does anyone know how to do it?


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9 years ago

You need more then a simple set of components to do something like that with an IR receiver. Its not as easy as using an LDR to turn an LED on. Do a google search for IR receiver circuits and you'll see what your dealing with.