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Can i take these objects to make a splinter cell emp gun? Answered

how would i make a splinter cell emp gun? i seem to think i would need a laser and phototransistor and the thing used to make the emp and some high voltage capacitors but i dont know what else. what other stuff would i need? my email is ilovewinter1@peoplepc.com.




10 years ago

What would you need a laser and a phototransistor for? Seems to me that the splinter cell EMP gun fires a coherent beam of EMP energy which fries circuitry in its path. However i dont feel safe in advising you about this since anything to do with EMP as a weapon is classed as a felony and people involed can and will do jailtime.


Answer 10 years ago

Well i was thinking of a laser and phototransistor because of what i found on this instructables website dealing with a laser surveillance system using sound over the beam through the air. But they do make coherent lasers. Hmm... did i say non coherent? I thought about this with the use of frequencies and crystals and stuff but im not a scientist. More like a dreamer. In the year 2000... what if crystals made a certain way (properties of them) and lasers and all kinds of things because of frequency would be massively damaging or helping, perhaps even plug up a black hole?