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Can my iphone 6 be fixed after salt water damage? Answered


Can my iphone 6 be fixed after salt water damage?

It was sitting in rice for about a week while I was on holiday after salt water got through my waterproof case. After a week I can home and put it in isopropyl alcohol and then let it to dry for 24 hours. This didn't work, opened it up and there's lots of corrosion, one of the connectors has corroded and the battery has corrosion on too. 

IS this past repair??



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Best Answer 3 years ago

Unfortunately the key to increasing the chances of saving things under these circumstances depends on what action is taking immediately after the event.

Removing the battery and thoroughly drying it is the first step, placing it in a zip lock bag with silica gel to absorb any moisture will help dry quickly and thoroughly, then it's a case of cleaning things like the contacts and just hoping the components have not been permanently damaged.

Judging by the picture it's in a real bad way, also some signs of bad corrosion, I'd say the chances of repair are slim.


3 years ago

I've cleaned it with some isopropyl alcohol and found one of the connectors on the top right of the phone has corroded in half, do you think a new battery and new logic board might work?