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Can permanent magnets cause interference when placed alongside cables? Answered

I'm wondering if I can safely use neodymium disc/button magnets alongside cables without causing interference?

I know that interference can be induced from an alternating magnetic field e.g. transformer coils, but not too sure if a magnet in a fixed position would have the same effect?

There's a project that I have in mind that would use these magnets to secure a fabric around cables holding them together. A single 5mm button magnet on one edge of the material would attract to a metal disc embedded in the opposite edge. The cables will mainly connect to audio / visual equipment so it's important to avoid any interruptions or distortions of the signal along the way.

Can anybody help?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Not an issue at all. The AC in the wires though may affect the magnets over time.


Answer 8 years ago

+1. A *CHANGING* magnetic field can induce a current; an unchanging one doesn't. There may be some loss due to eddy currents induced in the magnet, but no more so than any hunk of metal adjacent to the wire. As Steve says, those induced currents could, over time, weaken the magnet.

Mr. E Meat

8 years ago

I do IT support work and on of my users stuck her magnetic name tag around her mouse cable. She then wondered why the mouse didn't work right. I took the name tag off and it worked fine.

I wouldn't count on magnets not causing you any problems. Why not do a quick test first!