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Can roundup be used for making anything like what stump remover can be used for? Answered


Can Roundup be repurposed into something flammable, explosive or anything like what The King Of Random turns stump remover into?



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1 year ago

If you are serious about your stuff then you do some homework first.
Like checking what stump remover is (or was) - nitrate.
Sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate work the same for your application only one is hygroscopic...
Unless you are in a highly restricted country you can get these things through chemical suppliers - usually you need to provide prrof of identy and age though.
Once you have done your homework you might actually consider that it is not really safe enough ;)

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Um, I think someone should point you towards the Wikipedia article for glyphosate, the common name for the compound in the namebrand herbicide, Roundup(r).


and also the Wiki article for "Potassium nitrate", which is sometimes sold as, "stump remover."


They are NOT the same thing.

Although I suppose removing tree stumps is a kind of herbicidal action. Kind of.

But aside from that application, potassium nitrate (also known as KNO3) is not a herbicide.

In fact KNO3 has nutrients that plants crave!

Specifically it has potassium ion (K+) and nitrate ion (NO3-).

By the way, if you want a good resource for clandestine chemistry, you should check the ScienceMadness Wiki, e.g. their article for KNO3:


Their wiki has pretty much all the same chemicals as Wikipedia, but with more practical notes on availability, synthesis, safety... and also links into discussions in the sciencemadness forum pages, e.g.



1 year ago

He was a great guy but even he could not turn a herbicide into an oxidizer.
If you need nitrates then only nitrates work, but no Glyphosate ;)