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Can somebody help me with a 315Mhz RF module? Answered

Hello everybody

At the moment I'm building a circuit that should make a little motor turn forwards or backwards. It will be controlled by an 315Mhz RF module, wich i've bought from dx.com.
The circuit contains: a voltage regulator, a H-bridge for the motor, and a reveiver.
When i connected the circuit on a breadboard everything worked perfectly (even without an antenna connected I could control the motor over 20 meters away).
Then I soldered everything in place, connected a 23,8cm antenna to the board and I placed the hole thing in a plastic container. Then the trouble came. I can only control the motor from 50 centimeters away, if i go futther the signal light will blink instead of a continuous light. Can anyone help me out?



4 years ago

I would double check the soldering job and reflow any dubious looking solder joints. Also while at it, reverse-engineer your own work and draw schematics based solely on what is connected. You might find you soldered something in the wrong place, like say soldered a transistor or diode backwards or maybe made a pin from the IC go to the wrong place.