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Can someone Explain to Me how Wifi Antenna Extenders work? Answered

Could someone help explain to me How wifi antenna extenders work?

To me It seems like you would be able to send packets to the network, but it wouldn't be able to send them back, making the TCP/IP Handshake Incomplete.

I am Talking about having a USB wifi Adapter with a Pringles can antenna or something like this: (https://www.instructables.com/id/Uni-Directional-WIFI-Range-Extender/), and using it to connect to a Starbucks or something.

I get that the metal reflects the signal, so that it is strengthened, and can be pointed towards something, What I Don't get is how once you send the signal, how does the signal get back to you when your out of the routers range?

The pic is a rendition of what I think should happen, while using a wifi-extender antenna trying to connect to another place's internet that would usually be out-of-range.



Best Answer 10 years ago

As steve says - it adds at both ends. A higher GAIN antenna will resonate better at the required frequency - and both send and receive signals better. Long story short it extends range. :D BOOSTERS amplify the amount of signal being transmitted. They only boost in the sending direction - so you need a booster at BOTH ends to have a true gain. One problem with the 'signal' display on your windows networking dialogue might (*this is just fishing out there, but its usually the case) only show the send OR receive - not both, so when you have seemingly 'excellent' signal, you really dont. More advanced interfaces show the decibels of signal in, and what the endpoint is reporting your signal is being received as.


10 years ago

Ok, Thanks guys, That really helped me


10 years ago

Antennas are NOT one way devices. If the antenna has a certain gain, that's BOTH ways !