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Can someone assist me on my idea involing a 555 timer? Answered

Hey my fellow instructalites!!! I have this great prom proposal in mind but im getting a little confused on how I want to set it up or at least creating a schematic. Anyway the idea was that I was going to get a large pcb(already have it) and use some blue and green leds to spell out "Prom or Nah?". But my problem is I want the 555 timer to control only the words "prom and nah?", and also i wanted to add some typeof button to press so that when pushed in prom is the only word lighted.  What i wanted the timer to do is to have prom and nah?  to flash seperatly such as prom flash then goes out then nah? flashes then goes out. So any ideas to help me get started? My main confusion is trying to seperate the word "or" from the 555 circuit so that it stays on constantly until the button is pushed. Also I do have a spare arduino uno



5 years ago

If you knew how to program .... then you would not be asking this question !

Still use three output pins to light the three words and momentarily test

for a button press on a fourth input line.

You could actually do it with only two lines.

Here is how ;

Line # 1 when high turns on "Prom"

and when low turns on "Nah?"

When line #1 is switching fast both words appear lit up.

When switching slow the words alternate .... cool !

Line # 2 when output high it lights the "or" and

when line # 2 is momentarily input it tests the button.

Turn off the "or" by leaving line # 1 in input mode .... also cool !!

The program code is simple.

If you want to do it with a 555 your button needs to be a DPDT toggle switch.


Answer 5 years ago

Okay so there isnt a way to do this as a analog cirucit if not thats fine ill just have to read up on coding.


Answer 5 years ago

Try this circuit I designed for you.

The RFP12N10L is a 12 Amp 100 volt TO-220 MOSFET good for many LEDs to outline your words at a cost of 65 cents


When in hold mode all LEDs are ON..

When in the Run mode the OR word is off and the PROM / NAH? words flash sequentially. Send a video when you build it.



Answer 5 years ago

Thanks so much, I love coming on here specifically because of individuals like you who actually take their time out of their day to help someone. Thank you again and once I build it i'll post a video for you.