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Can someone build a handheld label applicator (specifically for barcodes) and post a "How To" instructable. Answered

There are only a few companies that make handheld label applicators and they seem to be of similar design and quite expensive. I'd like to know if there is a creative individual out there capable of making a simple DIY version that the "average" person could build on their own.

This applicator would be used for applying labels, such as barcodes, to products.

Labels typically come in large rolls that vary in width from 1 -  4" in width. 

Thank You



2 years ago

It is very rare that something can be made as a one off cheaper than the same commercial product can be bought.

You may be dissapointed.

Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

How about:



I have not tried this one, but you know, it's "distributed under the terms of the GNU General
Public License (GPL)", so what could possibly go wrong?



2 years ago

This things are essentially a small computer with an even smaller thermo printer combined.
We had a few handhelds and they are now all gone for the same reason: They did not stand up to stocktake LOL
5 hours of more or less continues use was all we got till they required fresh batteries or a charge.
Not to mention that they are also quite sensitive to being dropped, especilly when you started a multi lable print.
Our company did look into alternatives when this game was getting too costly and we reverted back to label stations.
A shoebox sized machine located at every isle in the store room.
With over 60 rows of shelfing you can guess it was not cheap either LOL

A company of big enough size to require multiple lable printing options certainly has the option to get them deducted at the end of the financial year through taxes.
So the initial costs are actually not too bad all things considered.
A DIY and handheld machine that will stand up to daily and intense use will IMHO be more expensive then commercial alternatives.
And if you include development and prototyping costs....


2 years ago

This would be best presented in the forums as option for some one to engineer for you what you can not !