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Can someone help me find the data sheet for this transistor? Answered

I recently purchased a few grab bags from Jameco and I can't seem to identify one of the transistors that came with one of the grab bags. So far I have figured out it's a Motorola brand possibly a FET. I attached a picture of it with the part number which reads M9943 m828. The m before the 828 is the Motorola logo letter M.

 I've tried searching Google, JameCo, and the Motorola website for this part number; but I have not had any success at finding a datasheet for it.


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Best Answer 9 years ago

I searched for a solid 45 minutes, but I didn't come up with anything. I think your guess (FET) may be correct since this is the TO-92 package. I wish I could give you the pinout, voltage, and current, but I couldn't find these.

My suggestion would be to call the company on this page:
because they sell the item and ask for the specs as if you were interested in purchasing their item. You probably wont get any info, but you can try.
Good luck.


Answer 9 years ago

Thanks, I gave up after 4 hours of digging. I called JameCo and Motorola and both couldn't give me any information. I will try your suggestion as well. It isn't a huge deal it would just be nice to know wtf it is lol.