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Can someone help me plan a solar USB charger(5V)? Answered

I have three solar panels that I would like to use for a solar USB charging kit. I don't know how they should be put together. Two are 5V panels at 100 and 200MA each, and the third is 5.5V I believe at 320MA. The third panel came as part of a kit from Brown Dog Gadgets but I accidentally soldered two points together that weren't supposed to connect (they were too close together :( and the circuit started smoking). I'd like to make something that could charge my iPod touch 4th gen as well as other USB devices.


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6 years ago

Wire the 2 good ones together in parallel, black of the 100ma to black of the 200ma and red of the one to red of the other.

So basically all you need to do is open one of the plugs and solder the wires of the other one to it, now you have 5V @ 300ma, not a whole lot compared to a usb socket's 500ma.

If the dc plugs are molded and you cant unscrew them, perhaps you can connect jumper wires in the back of the panels where the wires exit, be careful with your peanut butter fingers when soldering. :)

The 5.5v one is a different voltage and might get hot being connected with the 2 other lower voltage panels.