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Can someone help me use an exercise bicycle to build a kid-powered fan? Answered

My fourth grade classroom is very hot in June. I would love to teach students how to use an exercise bicycle, their energy, and other needed parts to build a kid-powered fan or air conditioner.  I have an exercise bicycle (basement - gathering dust).  I also have a ready supply of kid-power.  Some of my students have enough energy to ride the bike all day.  My dream situation would be to cool (not just move) the air.  But, if moving air is the best I can do, so be it.  I would like to help those that are able to actually build this - thus we are in need of readable instructions.  I think I would be able to obtain custodial/boy scout leaders to assist.  This might even interest some of the 7th and 8th graders.  Please help us!!


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9 years ago

Belt drive a largish fan from the bike. Speed isn't important but volume of air moved is - so bigger the better + some kids will want to see how fast they can go - large fan limits their ability to over power the system

Pass the air over frozen water - Soda bottles frozen will do and last a long time refreeze over night.- Or just over a wet surface - Blanked or bamboo screen this will cool the air by as much a 10deg C.

and finally get the permission of your principle who may (or may not) frown on using the kids as slave labor.