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Can someone help me with my Veeder-Root electro-mechanical counter reset solenoid ? Answered

I have an old Veeder-Root electro-mechanical counter.   The counter works on 12V but the solenoid for reset seems to need a totally different voltage.  I have gone up to 24v DC which is as high any of my power supply equipment can go with no luck.   In desperation I tried to throw 120VAC to it and it buzzes so I am thinking it needs 120VDC but I am not 100% sure the best and easiest way to get it there.  I am guessing some sort of bridge rectifier, any thoughts or ideas?  I am working on a sculpture that counting is part of the look but I would love to have a pushbutton control to reset the counter.

There is no model number but the Form NO is 1 159196  ELC    12V DC


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Answer 4 years ago

Good Idea and thanks Rickharris. I did contact Veeder-Root and they don't have any information on this counter. According to them it is over 30 years old and they have no information in their archives.

So I m back to my original thought to try sending a higher voltage DC current at the solenoid and see if that is what it needs.

So if anyone has a simple instruction to convert main/line current AC to DC I would appreciate it.