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Can someone please work out the piano chords/ melody for this song....... Please? Answered

The song is called Cheer me up. It was originally recorded by Natasha Bedingfield, but I prefer Victoria Justice's version...... here is a link.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9_IJ-fKBFE. -That is the piano version but there is only 1 minute of it....  Here is  the studio version...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpvM3EY1SuE&feature=related Please  help me I am rubbish at working out songs and the chords are NO-WHERE!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   :{)


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8 years ago

An easy one--a variation of the punk rock chord progression, which is a variation of the Sensitive Female chord progression, which is a variation of the standard do-woop prog....

Took about 2 minutes on guitar to figure out:


The last chord sort of switches between Bmaj and Bsus (suspended). And there may be inversions, etc. in the piano arrangement, but that's basically it...

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

8 years ago

I'm having trouble separating the melody from from the vocals and other noise. If you have a copy or a link to a midi, or a ringtone, of just the melody, that would help a lot.

Also I know there is a "be nice" policy with respect to the comments here, but after following those Youtube links to the "Cheer Me Up" samples, I felt really felt the need to listen to something like this:

Ministry - New World Order(Music Video)

, just as an antidote.

Ahhhhh... That's feels much better!

I know I can't do anything about your taste in music, but a copy or link to
midi or ringtone of just the melody of  "Cheer Me Up", if you can find it, that would facilitate the process of decoding it into chords.