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Can someone show me how to make LED tail lights like these? Answered



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11 years ago

 to add to re design, when you make the snowflake, you have to do two separate sets, one for your aux lighting and then one for your brake light. before you get on the computer and just say that it is 12v, get your volt-ohm meter and check what volts are coming from both the brake and aux lighting. Wiring them (each set of LEDs) in parallel will make it a little more reliable, meaning if one LED goes, the whole system won't be shot to hell. 


11 years ago

I assume you're going to put them on your VW.  So.

Get to the wrecking yard and find a VW the same model as your's, but the tail light lens, frame/shell, bulb etc. that you need to completely replace your existing tail lights.

Remove your existing tail lights and put them away somewhere safe.  Do not cut the socket off the wiring harness.  You will want to be able to put it back like it was when you sell or decide you don't like it after all.

You need to find a material to mount the lights (leds) on.  A thick plastic or double thickness circuit board without the copper.  Something like that.

Cut a piece shaped so that you can capture it by placing it in the shell and putting on the lens.  Or figure a way to secure it to the shell.

Now, figure out how many lights you want  and design a pattern.  REmember that you need some for the brake lights and some for the tail lights.  I would do 2/3 break and 1/3 tail lights.

Now measure the voltage coming to the brake light and the tail light.

Go here and calculate the wattage resistors you will need.  They will need different values.

Wire the leds and resistors.

Disassemble the bulbs you bought.  And determine which connections are for brake and tail lights.  Wire the leds to the bulb base and plug it in.  Test it.  Does it work?  If not then trouble shoot it until it does.  Most common problem will be wrong polarity.

Now that it works just install it just like you would for the old lights and you're finished.

It may not pass inspection next time.
It may not last long.  Leds can be delicate where over voltages are concerned and a car regulator isn't that precise.
If you don't do exactly the same pattern except mirrored it will look dorky.

Now that you've got it working and installed get out there and pick up some girls/guys/robots whichever the case may be.